This Rad Love

The name of Sarah’s work couldn’t be more perfect- THIS RAD LOVE, it sums up our day perfectly.

I met Sarah via instagram. She started out a customer that had bought ears from my shop, tagged me in a photo and once I saw her feed I fell in love and followed her back. Fast forward about 2 years to when I got engaged, Sarah reached and we connected and just like that our first wedding vendor was booked!

I had always dreamt of owning a vintage vw bus and all the adventures I would take in it. I get happy just at the very sight of one. So when it came to an engagement shoot I knew I wanted to include one make the day dream real. And I LOVE a good prop! We searched and searched to rent one and finally found an app, Turo, that lets you rent a car for a day. The tricky part we didn’t know, was vintage vw buses are all stick and neither of us knew how to drive stick! Extra perk of This Rad Love – Sarah luckily did!!!!

Brent, Sarah and I all met up in the early morning to pick up our bright yellow bus, named Sunshine and set off on our adventure. We drove along pch, making a few stops along the way. We popped champagne, we danced, we got on the hood of poor sunshine and it all made for the best photos. Sarah did absolute magic with capturing the real moments of us. I couldn’t be happier with these photos.

click here to check out THIS RAD LOVE  site



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