DIY- Jack Skellington Door


What can I say, I love the Pumpkin King!

So I’ve made my second DIY this season of Jack Skellington. Only this time he’s taking over my door! You don’t need to much to make this, and he is super easy! I used presentation board to make him so he would be durable for the month and so I could keep him for next year! Here’s how…



  • 2 sheets of black presentation board 20in x 30in
  • exacto knife
  • scissors
  • black pen
  • marker/pen that will show up on black (I used a silver sharpie)
  • tacky putty

how to:

  • using one of the boards, I drew Jacks mouth in pen- taking up most the board in width (make sure this fits your door). Then I traced over it with perfect lines in the silver sharpie so I had a clear guide.
  • on the second board I drew the eyes, and nose, first in pen and then sharpie.
  • I used the exacto knife to cut out the pieces, its definitely tuff to cut through, so at some of the harder areas, I used scissors- but for the fine lines, the exacto knife is a lot better.
  • once he’s all cut out I used to tacky putty and put him up on my door!






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