annual ornament party!





December is my FAVORITE month for many reasons, one of them is my annual ornament party. This year was my 4th year hosting the party and every year it grows bigger and the ornaments get better, and so do the snacks!

I start by collecting the craft ornaments early November, they can almost always be found on sale and thats when I bulk up on them. They’re found at Michaels, Jo-Anns and Hobby Lobby ( any local craft store should have them ). Besides the ornaments I gather acrylic paints, glitters, paint brushes, pom poms, tinsel,confetti, yarn, basically anything and all crafty things! But a very random and needed supply is FLOOR SHINE. The floor shine is used when you want to coat the inside of your ornament in glitter, its used as an adhesive for the glitter to stick and coat the ornament from the inside, its magic!

so lets talk party set up…

I wrap the tables in kraft paper wrapping paper, so the paint and glitters are free to get all over the place…it happens. All the supplies are layed out down the middle of the tables and we all get to crafting!


of course my favorite one to make is the mickey shaped ornament! I make multiple of these every year, and all the different colors I’ve made brighten up my tree. And, he’s just so easy to make!

You take the top/metal part off the ornament, drop in your colored paint, hold your finger over the opening and shake it till the paint coats the ball completely. Then put the top back on the ball and using hot glue make a small circle on each side of the top, where the ball meets the top of the ornament and apply the pom poms! Be careful to not use too much paint but just enough for the paint to coat the ball, too much paint will weigh down your ornament and cause it to dry improperly.

For the glitter filled ones, this is where the floor shine comes in. Almost the same process of the paint filled ones. Take the top off your ball and fill it with a little bit of floor shine, move the ball around to make sure it’s fully coated, and then dump out the floor shine from the ball. (I keep separate disposable bowls around the table at the party for this, separate from the water used with the paint brushes) Now that there is no more liquid in the ball and its coated with the floor shine fill it with your glitter. Using your finger to cover the hole again, shake it up so the glitter coats your ornament. Now you have shiny glitter filled ornaments!

Other than making Mickey Shaped ones, you can make fun colored ones, paint on them, put confetti inside, write on them, glue more glitter to them… anything! Another favorite of mine to make every year is the multi colored glitter polkadot one and this year I painted that 80’s looking one, and I love it!

Its extra special to see all the ornaments that you made hanging on your tree. By my 4th year, my tree is almost entirely decorated in ones I have made over the years.

Hope you all have some FUN making your own ornaments!



xo, jess


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