wedding bouquet ornaments!

Brent-Jess-Married-411what did you do with your wedding bouquet ??? I asked so many people and never got an answer I was really into. The most popular response was drying it and putting it into a shadow box, but Im just not a big fan of those frames. So I dried my bouquet and then it sat in a box for 6 months. Until last week when I was finally putting away my supplies from the ornament party I hosted earlier this month and I saw the box with my bouquet sitting sadly in the closet and it hit me!



my bouquet was big and filled with bright flowers that dried out so beautifully. I was able to make 15 ornaments, filling them loosely, using almost all of the bouquet. I used all the bright petals and didnt use any of the darker parts.

I pulled out the stems of each flower and carefully took the petals off, trying to keep them from crumbling. I also softly folded each petal into the ornament so they would keep shape.



I am so happy I saved my bouquet for this perfect project! I love these ornaments so much. I can’t wait to put these ornaments up on the tree every year and be reminded of our special day. I even gifted an ornament to each of my bridesmaids for xmas! So, if you also have your wedding bouquet laying around, or just want to dry flowers to make these… DO IT, they make such gorgeous ornaments!


xo, jess!

ornaments from michaels – diy ornaments box   wedding florals – shindig chic


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