ladies, frost yourself.


a while back, almost a year to be exact – during my engagement shoot, my photographer had on these incredible earrings. I asked to wear to them in our photos and I was in love with them. As soon as we were home, I rushed to purchase my own pair. Only I didn’t, because I saw they were $80. They were incredible but they were also just tinsel and being my craft-obsessed self, I happened to have lots of tinsel laying around. So the next day I went to my second home, Jo-Anns and spend some time in the jewelry isle and figured out how I was going to make my own version of these tinsel earrings. I did, and since then I wear them every where! THEY ARE SO FUN, and SO EASY TO MAKE and being that NYE is in a few days it’s the perfect time for you to make a pair!

what you need:

  • tinsel garland- I used two different sizes, the longer/bigger one is from Target, by wondershop- its a mini tinsel garland that is used for the mini trees. The smaller I found on amazon click here  but any small tinsel garland will work as long as its wired.
  • fish hook earring heads
  • eye pins
  • beads
  • scissors
  • hot glue




how to make them:

  • attach the fish hook to the eye pin, you may need to slightly bend one of the openings and carefully bend it back to make sure it is tightly closed.
  • bead the pin, leaving some space at the tip
  • ball up some tinsel in the size you want, covering one end of the wire inside the ball and then with the other end of the wire form a tiny hole in the center.
  • tuck in the end of the wire to the hole, drop in some hot glue and stick in the beaded pin
  • hold the pin in the center for about 20 seconds for the glue to harden while making sure the pin and tinsel are secure
  • repeat till you have so many of the cutest new earrings!





I wear mine ALL. THE. TIME. They add fun to any outfit and get so many compliments, and the best is when you can say YOU MADE THEM!

BUT, if you’re not feeling crafty and don’t even want to attempt these… I’ve added them to my shop and you can CLICK HERE TO BUY

Ladies, frost yourselves.


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