lovers on the road pt.1


Honestly, the best week of my life, of our life.

We weren’t too sure if we were going to have a honeymoon while we were planning our wedding. We just didn’t have the head space to even begin to think of planning one, but we knew we wanted to go somewhere right after we got married to keep up that ‘wedding high’ of a feeling. We literally began planning this the week before we got married! It turned out that most places we had in mind were not great to visit in June, for example I really wanted Tulum- but it’s peak hurricane season there in June… We had a few other ideas but just hit some dead ends with them and then I joked about just going to a place on my bucket list, El Cosmico. Brent said “if we go there we’re going to Nashville…and NoLa… and well, were going to take the coolest road trip ever. So it all worked out for the best, because what we did was perfect, and very “us”. We crossed off a lot of our ‘must-see’ places, bucket list if you call it that too! We took a seriously rad road trip starting at a place I never thought I’d get to see, MARFA, TX!



our yurt during our stay!


Marfa was MAGIC, more than I could have imagined. We stayed in a yurt at El Cosimco. It was so cool, it was warm, comfortable, FUN and we had the best experience. They even welcomed us with a honeymoon note and champagne! We adventured around the grounds there and then into town. We went to shops, had delicious tex-mex food, and cocktails at local bars and just wandered around. At night we just layed on our deck a star gazed, beccuase the night sky there is unlike anything we had ever seen before – the ‘mystery lights’ they speak of are insane and beautiful. There is just a blanket of stars that cover you. Marfa really felt like a little hidden gem of a city in the middle of nowhere Texas and it was, magical.

the next morning we were off to AUSTIN, TX!


Austin. Was. Rad !!!! We stayed two days and did SO much. We stayed at the Austin Motel (owned by the same hotel group as El Cosmico, Bunkhouse, I’m a big fan) and we loved it. It was in South Congress which was pretty central to everything we did, and on a super cute block that was filled with shops, vintage and new, boot stores, restaurants, live music and even next to the yummiest coffee shop that had frozen cold brew, I was in love. Immediately.

We filled our two days eating way too much BBQ, swimming in Barton Springs… which is the COOLEST THING EVER, walking each of the known areas bar hopping, shopping all the vintage and local shops, boot stores were so fun and very Texas. We even made a stop at Rock Of Ages to get matching honeymoon tattoos! That gives the best idea to how much fun we were having!





next up… an 8 hour drive to NEW ORLEANS… and to continue reading about our honey moon road trip, check out part two of this post lovers on the road pt.2 !!


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