Every year I talk myself out of driving 3 hours to see the Carlsbad Flower Fields and this year, I finally did it !!! I’ve wanted to see this in real life since the first time I found out it existed, probably thanks to Instagram, and OH MY GOD, it’s unreal! Now that I know how truly beautiful it is to see, I will easily be able to make myself take the trip every spring.

outfit details- dress : sister jane // hat : lack of color // sunnies :au fresh

The Flower Fields are only open in spring, March 1st- May 12. My friend Kim and I went the very last weekend just in time to catch the flowers in all their blooming beauty. The tickets are $18 each and there is a few other things you can see and do other than take a zillion photos of the flower fields. Although, we spent most our time doing just that! The rows and rows of colorful  ranunculus take up about 5 acres going across the top of their property! They have little areas designated to stand in, and get close to take all your photos. They actually do not allow you to go into the fields, which is to save their flowers from being stepped on and tramped. You can go into these area in every section of the colored flowers and they have plenty of those spaces for everyone. Aside from the massive ranunculus field, they have other smaller gardens of roses and poinsettias. You can also take a tractor ride or go through a sweet pea maze, or if you bring younger kids, they have a really cute play ground. Another cute tip that I leanrned after is they allow you to bring food in and have a picnic area for you! They don’t have any food onsite expect a strawberry & ice cream shack, it was definitely yummy!





I truly hope you can make the trip out here next spring!!!




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