I FINALLY WENT TO DISNEY WORLD !!!!!!! Can you believe for how much of a Disney lover I am, it wasn’t til my 33rd birthday that I finally can say I have been to WDW!?!?

It was everything I have ever dreamed of and MORE! Everything is bigger and better and well… HOTTER (ugh, that Florida weather is no joke) !! I will apologize in advance that this post might not have too many photos as you’d expect. I was hardly using my phone (camera) and taking everything in at the moment. I was in full sensory overload mode, jaw on the floor and starry eyed the entire time!

jammies: bando daisy / ears: house of mouse

My girls and I planned this trip super last minute, and stuck to a pretty great budget! That said, we did not stay on property, but just a super short drive away at the Wyndham Orlando Resort . The five of us girls stayed in a joint suite, and it’s not only really affordable, but super comfy too! We had a total of 4 nights and 3.5 days to spend in Disney World… and I still feel like it was not enough. We Split our first day between Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Starting with Magic Kingdom because I wanted the first thing I see to be that castle, and WOW !!!!


The Move it, Shake it Parade to celebrate Mickey’s 90th Birthday started soon after we arrived and made for the most perfect start to the day! We walked around, took in all the beauty and magic, met up with new friends, ate treats and went on rides ! I was so excited to see rides we dont have here at Disneyland. My favorite ride was The Mine Train, it’s so cute and done incredibly !!


Mid day we headed over to Epcot for Food & Wine Festival and of course… drinking around the world !! But first, our dear friend Beth, (@shenksforthememories who is a WDW cast member and was like our vip tour guide! THANK YOU BETH ILY!)  had a special surprise for us…. THE MINNIE VAN was picking us up and taking us to Epcot !!!!


And now… EPCOT! Where the Food & Wine Festival surpassed our expectations, yes, it’s way better than ours at DCA ! The stations were more elaborate to each theme and country, the options were delicious !!! Aside from the festival, Epcot was so special to me and unlike any Disney Park. You really feel transported to each country for a bit. The most incredible thing we learned there too was that in each area/country the cast members working there are from that county… makes it’s SO special and also why you feel so transported. I loved every single place in Epcot. I ate so many yummy things at the festival ( sorry I have no pics to share!) BUT, my favorite drink was the avocado margarita from La Cava del Tequila inside the Mexico Pavillion, and that is always there, not just for the festival. Also noted the boat ride in there is the cutest thing ever, but I do wish they would make it a Coco ride… just wishful hoping for my next trip there!



We lasted long and late for our first full park day, especially considering we had no idea how killer the humidity in Florida was… KILLER!! This photo of us on our way out at midnight should show you…


coming up soon… DAY TWO !!



jumper : Lucy & Yak – boilersuit in white

shoes : adidas pink continental 80

bag : Clare V Pink Midi Sac

sunnies : white heart sunnies

ears : House Of Mouse pastel rainbow ears


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