wdw continued!

ACS_2877The girl gang goes to TOY STORY LAND !!!!!!!

We are all smiles and just the happiest bunch to be at WDW for another full day of park adventures. This day we split between Hollywood Studios, mostly just to spend time in Toy Story Land and then head over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.



ACS_2884As soon as we entered Hollywood Studios I fell so in love. All the colors along the main street were bright and pastel and I absolutley loved the old timey, retro vibes. It was a bit familiar to our California Adventure Park, but on a bigger and better scale! We wandered around for a while, falling in love with this park…until it was time for our lunch reservation at 50’s Prime Time Cafe. I knew little about this cafe, except for that it was real cute inside! OMG, the whole concept of this place is AMAZING and so much FUN! I wish so badly we had this at our parks!!! Aside from yes, being so cute inside – its decorated to basically look like your grandmas cutest house from the 50’s. You’re seated at a table that looks like your in grandmas kitchen, with a retro TV playing black and white shows, including Mickey Mouse Club! All the waitress’ and waiters are dressed adorable in 50’s fashions, as if June Cleaver was serving you. Not only do they look so cute but they are also in full character! They act as if they’re your family member serving you a meal in a bit of a scolding manor… it is HILARIOUS!! Our waiter played our old out of touch uncle, he had us laughing to tears every time he’d come by.  I miss this place so much! The food was great too, its very much like homey, comfort food- and big portions!



After lunch we walked the park and then quickly headed to Toy Story Land, knowing we wanted to spend as much time as we possibly could there since we only had half a day.

ACS_3028I was BLOWN AWAY with Toy Story Land !!!!! I had been gushing over this land since it opened, not thinking I would be there any time soon, I couldnt believe I was there so soon! Every tiny little detail of this land is so creative and just genius, from the fence, to every chair, sign and even the bathrooms! Its all TOYS! We were all heart eyed and smiles and seriously having the most fun here. I love this land, and I really love Slinky’s rollercoaster! Its very possibly it is my favorite rollercoaster, EVER. We go so lucky, (maybe it wasn’t weather lucky) but I’m thinking since the weather was so horrible, our wait times were unbelievable, we only waited about 35 mins to get on slinky!



After all the gushing and rides at Toy Story Land we got some ice cream, did some shopping and adventured off to Animal Kingdom…



ACS_2885It’s so hard to say this being that I loved every second I had this entire trip at every park, but I think I want to call Animal Kingdom my favorite park here. It’s just SO VERY special and different. It doesn’t feel like you are in the regular Disney theme park. It puts together my love for animals, nature, greenery, traveling and DISNEY all in one. You feel transported, it also just feels so big and open! When you’re on the kilimanjaro safari ride you truly see how much land there is, and the animals are just roaming around on it, it’s unreal and so beautiful.  I was really amazed at how many animals we were able to see, and so close up! Ps – I can’t get over flamingo island being Mickey shaped!

We got so lucky at this park as well with the wait times. We had a super short wait for the Safari ride, we walked onto the Navi River and we couldn’t believe we were even able to get on the Flight of Passage without a fast pass, but we sure did and only waited 30 mins!

I wish we could have had more time at Animal Kingdom, but I am so happy we did everything on our “must list”. I know there is so much we missed, and I cannot wait to be back there and explore all of it! Pandora was truly breath taking, so bright and colorful. The Flight of passage was the most advanced ride I have ever been on, seriously so cool !!!! I loved every single thing we did so much.



That’s all for now! All that’s missing from this trip is MNSSHP and that’s coming real soon!


xo, Jess!


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