you are what you eat – a hot cheeto DIY costume!

hot cheeto

My niece, Sofia and I have a hilarious addiction to Hot Cheetos and I am sure many of you can relate! THEY ARE SO GOOD ! A few nights ago while eating cheetos and laughing about our red fingers I joked and told her “we eat these SO much that were finally going to turn into cheetos” !! Well, since its Halloween… I made that actually happen for us and OMG, it was SO FUN!!

I had no idea how this was actually going to work or turn out so I apologize for not having any process photos to help explain all the details of this DIY. But I do promise it is super easy so I will walk you through the steps and list / link all the materials.

what you need:


For the BAG OF HOT CHEETOS: this is the quick & easy part!

I used these images  (below) of the hot cheeto bag, back and front and had them blown up at my local copy store and glued onto a 20×30 poster board.

I then used an exacto knife to cut out the bags shape

I measured where the poster boards would fall over Sofia’s shoulders and then taped red ribbon to make straps on the top, inside parts of each the boards (see photo)

Sofia wore red leggings, a white tee and red (spray painted) shoes to match her bag!

FOR THE HOT CHEETO: The fun and messy part!

I used 3 yards of red felt, I had a lot left over, but just to be safe thats how much I purchased.

I sewed together what I thought would be a basic shaped cheeto (see photo of my drawing for the shape I used)

I cut out a circle for my face and slits on the sides for my arms, you will want big slits and not just small circles. Once this is done, there is not much movement on the costume so bigger arm space is great!

Once my felt part was done and fit me and sewed together I sprayed it with Great Stuff Foam Expanding Spray . So this was my first time working this spray. I recommend starting on the back side, it takes a little while to get the hang of working with the spray and getting the hang of making the texture you want. It comes out in a thick foam LINE and what I did was take a sponge and spread it all over without flattening the foam. I highly recommend the sponge and wearing gloves when working with the foam spray as it is SO STICKY! I spread all the foam all over with sponge, working in small areas at a time till I got the texture I wanted all over. Try to cover the fabric as most you can so you get the texture all over. The foam dried pretty quickly. I gave each side an hour and then I spray painted the entire costume with this Krylon Red Banner Color Spray Paint . I used this same spray paint to make our shoes red ( mine where old white vans and Sofia’s where white  patent heels )

ACS_0069ACS_0066That’s it! I really, really hope someone else makes this! It was SO MUCH FUN and we had some great laughs about it.




2 thoughts on “you are what you eat – a hot cheeto DIY costume!

  1. Thank you so much for all the tips and tricks for making this costume. I made the costume and even made a video about it and linked your blog post in the description 🙂


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