stay comfy!

Working from home and dressing super comfy is really nothing to new me, but for all my friends who are adjusting to WFH and spending so much time inside… welcome to the world of comfy clothes !!

When I was in early house of mouse shop days I spent so much time in pjs. My mentality was ‘why get ready for the day when you’re only going into the other room?’ Well, that created a whole lot of bad habits for myself so I started buying myself comfy, but cute outfits that would excite me to get ready each day, start my day, outfits I could wear on my post office runs and any other public places… I just needed to get out of pjs to feel good, and feel positive but still be just as comfortable as I would in my jammies!

I’ve really enjoyed sharing my comfy outfit finds with you all and love that you’re just as invested in staying cozy, cute and home along with me! So here are my current fav finds… and bonus if they come as a set!!!

All the photos can be clicked for links to take you over to Free People and the Gap, the two places I have been consistent in shopping my WFH outfits at! I’ll keep you updated when I fall in love with some more and share them here with you! let me know if you purchase any and we can be twins from home!

oh wait… we can’t forget comfy slippers….

Stay comfy! Stay home!



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