It’s insta offical…. we are moving to Austin, Texas !!! know, I know, my head is spinning from this news and I can’t believe my own words either. Austin was a stop on our epic honeymoon road trip and we absolutely fell in love with it in the few short days we were there. When we found out the company Brent works for planned on opening up a location there, our little dream turned into a semi-possible reality and we’ve been have been talking about it for almost two years since! Well… fast forward to now…Brent got the job and we are planning our big move!
We have always talked about moving out of CA but now it’s finally REAL and it’s happening so, SO fast! I have so many emotions.. waves of sadness, high, highs of excitement & everything in-between. I feel like there’s much to cram into these last few weeks but am also so excited for a whole new world to discover and share with all of you! But first…planning some last farewell to Cali adventures, and then pack, pack, pack!!


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