The Beverly Hills Hotel

Once my “Moving To Texas” count down hit a one month, it really hit me… I wouldn’t be living in California anymore !!! It was then a rushing list of all the things I wanted to do and see before we left poured over me, especially after not doing anything for an entire year thanks to the hideous pandemic! There are so many iconic parts and places all over Los Angeles that you completely take for granted when you’ve grown up around them, like Sunset Blvd, The Hollywood Hills, PCH, Malibu and every other perfect beach, Rodeo Drive, driving the big open streets in Beverly Hills and looking at all the big dreamy houses along the way and in the canyons too, and so, SO much more!!! All the things I’d pass by daily just started to look and feel differently when knowing they will no longer be seen daily! I drove by the Beverly Hills Hotel regularly but never even actually went until my 30th birthday celebration! It was always one of the special places I really needed an excuse to go and I made my 30th birthday my excuse and now yet again… another excuse! The perfect girls brunch date and part of my farewell LA tour! So, unlike me waiting until I was 30 years old, Nealia had her first trip to the the famous Beverly Hills Hotel before she was even one! Lucky baby girl…

I went for brunch with my two best friends and of course, my mini me, who also enjoyed herself at the cabana! I personally have only ever been for their brunch, and have only eaten at The Cabana Cafe, the menu is amazing, the seating is so pretty and the pool view is beyond gorgeous !!! After brunch we explored around the hotel like true tourist in our own town… we took a million photos, walked around outside and in – the gift shop is a must!!! Then of course we took a peak at the famous bungalow Marilyn Monroe used to stay in during her visits! On our way out we had a small celeb sighting, I wont say names… but it was a perfect ending to the Beverly Hills Hotel experience you’d wish for ~

outfit details: Edie Dress from FP , Vans Shoes


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