Merry, Happy Everything!

This year we had every intention of sending out adorable holiday cards. We took our photos early in the month, and then, of course… life distracted me, and I waited too long to place the order and get them out in time. So, it was paperless post to the rescue! As always, I’ll try again next year to send cards on time!

But we sure did find our favorite spot for holiday photos, and we did this on our own with a tripod and Bluetooth clicker, so I was very proud of us!

We took these photos at the Austin Motel, which was just across the street from the apartment we lived in last year, and look how adorable our photos were last year, the first time we stumbled upon this rainbow wonderland!….and Zoey was with us. 😦

I hope you all had a magical holiday this year! Happy New Year!


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