Sew Little Magic

I learned to quilt by watching endless videos of Kimberly Jolly, whom I work for, but this was no benefit to me, all her video tutorials are accessible to all, and I genuinely believe anyone can learn this skill! Once I learned, I quickly became a sampler maker at work and then… a late-night quilter at heart.

My problem is, I love a fast reward! So while I work on quilts over a more extended amount of time, I do love a quickly finished result, and that’s when I began playing around with some fun smaller projects.

With my growing passion for quilting, I’ve also become pretty obsessed with quilted clothing. I purchased my first quilt coat from Carleen for my birthday, and it is truly one of my most prized position at the moment. It’s something I couldn’t dream of ever being good enough to make, nor could I get myself to cut up a quilt I’ve just made. But I do admire the craft that goes into making the quilt and the coat. One thing about quilted clothing is the time, materials, and craft that go into making each piece add up to a costly amount quickly.

Anyhow, my long story short, I have been playing around with sewing in my late nights and free hours and have taken up making smaller patchwork designs and wanted to make an affordable way to rock some really awesome quilty pieces of clothing… and Sew Little Magic came to life.

I have a massive growing stash of fabric, scraps from my quilting projects, and just an accumulated collection that I have been sewing together patchwork pieces and quilt blocks from my pattern collections and have been sewing them onto thrifted sweaters. I started with what I had at home, recycled some of my own basic sweaters at home, and then took my local thrift shops to pick a few more. This started with making my friends a few Christmas presents, and then I just didn’t want to stop making them… honestly, it’s a very similar story to how House of Mouse started, and I can only hope it’s just as great!

At the moment, I plan to keep sewing onto thrifted sweaters, I love the idea that this whole project is using fabric scraps and up-cycled clothing to give them a new life, and this is a way that I can keep costs down for both myself and customers.

My shop, Sew Little Magic, is opening this Friday, February 10th, and here is a peek at what you’ll be seeing. I have a whole lot more in store to come. My ideas have been running wild, and I have a growing list of designs I plan to put sweaters to come, so this is really just that start! I hope yall like them, and if you do, I plan to keep exciting you with more!

And, further down the line, I just might surprise you with some quilty mouse ears!


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