you are what you eat – a hot cheeto DIY costume!

My niece, Sofia and I have a hilarious addiction to Hot Cheetos and I am sure many of you can relate! THEY ARE SO GOOD ! A few nights ago while eating cheetos and laughing about our red fingers I joked and told her “we eat these SO much that were finally going to turn into cheetos” !! Well, since its Halloween… I made that … Continue reading you are what you eat – a hot cheeto DIY costume!

my favorite sugar cookies!

This year I have started a new christmas tradition… making sugar cookies! Maybe it’s because I think I’ve mastered the best perfect, soft sugar cookie that keep shape when you bake them and taste SO GOOD !!!! AND…I made a vegan version as well and think they might even taste better. I can’t decide so I will let you be the judge… ingredients : 3 … Continue reading my favorite sugar cookies!

DIY – Jack Skellington Bag

sometimes you really need something to complete an outfit and you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for… in my case, I MADE IT! This Jack Skellington bag was so easy to make, so quick, and so inexpensive! Here is how and what you will need; white mini crossover bag – purchase here on amazon black acrylic paint – purchase here at michaels medium thin paint brush … Continue reading DIY – Jack Skellington Bag