Mexico Mi Amour


ADK_0097 2I’ve been back from Mexico City for two weeks now, and I still haven’t been able to get over our trip… the post vacay sadness still lingers.  Along with REALLY missing the incredible food and drinks we had every day there, Brent and I spent quite a bit of time looking up things we wanted to see, do and eat just like we do before we go anywhere.  We’ve mastered our team traveling.  He’s really good at finding where to eat & drink, which makes sense since that’s his passion and the industry he works in and I find the cute places to stay, things to see, museums and shopping spots – it makes for the perfect balanced trip!  Not only did we do our own research, we got an extensive amount of  recommendations from friends. So, with all of our gathered info, we crammed a TON into our 5 day trip!

We fell in love almost instantly with Mexico City (also called CDMX). Every day, we ventured out in a new area, trying new food, more drinks, and taking in ALL OF THE COLORFUL sites everywhere we looked!  It really is the brightest place I have ever been.  The taxis are pink.  Every house or building and door entrance is a different color.  It’s beyond beautiful.  We didn’t have one bad meal the entire trip.  Did you know Mexico City has two restaurants on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list and two bars on the World’s 50 Best Bars list?!?! Meanwhile, LA has none on either ?!?  With all of that said, I want to share a list of everything we did along with the things we had planned on getting to but didn’t have the time to.  We definitely wish we had more time- but we WILL be going back!

photo taken at Tane in Polanco/ dress- free people/Innika Choo

We split our stay between a hotel & airbnb.  We started with staying at Hotel Carlota which I found on Hotel Tonight (I use their app for almost EVERY trip I take) and our hotel was incredible. We stayed two nights and then moved to another neighborhood, Roma Norte, and stayed in this awesome airbnb !

hotel carlota
airbnb –cdmx loft

Now that you know where we slept, here is all of the fun stuff !!!!

casa gilardi



We adventured mostly in the neighborhoods we stayed in, Roma & Condesa, with the exceptions of a few other places like Polanco, a really upscale neighborhood (similar to Rodeo Drive or 5th Ave) and Coyoacán where the Frida Khalo museum is. And then about an hour out of the city when we travelled to Xochimilco – the canal boats!


I’ll start with telling you I learned 3 new things I can’t live without after CDMX, that you should order every time you see it on a menu while you’re there! I DID!

aquachile, costras and carajillos !!

taqueria orinoco

places to eat that we loved-

  • Contormar * tuna tostada is out of this world!
  • Lalo! * best brunch spot!
  • Pujol * #13 on the world’s 50 best list (and on chefs table!)
  • El Califa *best late night tacos and costras
  • Churros El Moro *churros and chocolate
  • Orinoco *BEST TACOS EVER!!!! (photo above) we went twice!
  • Marlindo *mostly fish and micheladas
  • Downtown Mexico/ Azul Historico*roof top & down stairs restaurant
  • El Mayor *awesome roof top restaurant above the Aztec ruins and Zocalo
  • Tetelan * rad space by Casa Pedegral
  • Pizza Del perro negro * chilequiles pizza!
  • Mercado Roma *similar to grand central market/ chelsea market

Spots we missed but sound great: Quintonil, Huset, Maximo Bistrot, Lardo, Delirio, Rosetta.


And then onto what we did A LOT of…. DRINKING…

  • Limantour *on the best bars in world list and definitely lived up to it, we went 3 times in our 5 day stay!
  • Fifty Mils *also on the top 50 list, we went twice! In the garden of the 4 Seasons Hotel. Ask for Joshua!
  • Hotel Condesa DF
  • La Clandestina * Once on the top 50 list! a Mezcal bar (Mezcaleria), GET THE AVACADO DRINK!
  • El Palenquito *Sister bar of La Clandestina – in Roma Norte
  • Mermoa
  • Baltra
  • Hanky Panky *Speakeasy – must make reservation
  • Casa Franca *Incredible jazz bar, great drinks!

Spots we missed but seem great: Aurora, Puebla 109, Blanco Colima, Xaman, La Nacional, Balmori, Maison Artemisia, Patra Negra, El Bosforo





  • Any & All Home tours of Luis Barragán
  • Frida Khalo’s Casa Azul & Coyoacan
  • Xochimilco
  • Arena México on Friday night for a Lucha Libre Show!
  • El Bazar de Sabado – arts & crafts street market, happens only on Saturday
  • Mercado de Medellin
  • Mercado de La Ciudadela
  • The Zocalo * must go inside the post office!
  • Museo Nacional de Antropología
  • Palacio Bellas Artes
  • Ruins of Tenochtitlan
  • Chapultepec Castle & Park
photo taken @ casa gilardi / dress – Mara Hoffman Mischa / Hat – Lack Of Color / Custom Denim Jacket by Daily Disco







dress/ all things mocha kay blue / sunnies – oui fresh daisy


Palacio Bellas Artes
Palacio Postal
The Zocalo


Adios amigos!




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